There are three main places where you can get help about gNewSense. First, you are encouraged to support yourself by using the help documentation included in the operating system itself. If reading the system documentation doesn't solve your problems, you can always get help from the gNewSense Community online. And as the last, but greatest alternative, you can have In-person support from gNewSense users around your area.

System Help and Support

Screenshot: Various ways of getting help in the system

gNewSense comes with a set of documents that will help you understand the features of the system. Plus, almost all applications that you can install have their own user manuals.

To read the system documentation, go to System ▸ Help.

To read the manual of a graphical application, start the application and go to Help ▸ Contents or press F1 on the keyboard.

To read the manual of a console application, enter a command like the following in a terminal:

$ man less

The command above will open the manual pages for the program called less. Just replace less with the name of the program you are interested in. To close the manual, press the Q key on the keyboard.

Online Community Help

Online you will be able to find other resources and community support in the topics that are not included in the local help system. You will have access to more documentation, real-time support and mailing lists.

Written Documentation

If you haven't already done so, please familiarize yourself with the Documentation set.

Real Time Support (IRC)

If a problem requires real time support, with somebody to explain each step and deal with any problems as they arise, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the ideal solution. You can connect to the following channels using your Web browser:

Support Request Manager

Any person with or without an account in Savannah can submit support requests or proposals to gNewSense Support Request Manager. When you submit an item to the support tracker, you will receive follow-ups via email. This is a great way to track your requests.

E-mail Support

Some users prefer to take advantage of mailing lists to get help. The advantage of this method is that by subscribing to a mailing list it is possible to discover common problems many users have, and their solutions, before even encountering them! It also makes it easy to see when other users need help, and if you know the answer, to help them. The following mailing lists are available:

For help in subscribing to mailing lists, please read the help on mailing lists page.

In-person Support

Look in the Neighbours list for people in your region who are willing to help you with anything related to gNewSense.

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