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Outdated documentation

These pages document gNewSense 2.x. The documentation for the latest version of gNewSense is available in the Documentation list.

gNewSense 2 Documentation

To help create gNewSense documention please see the How to Contribute section of this page.

Before switching to gNewSense

We made a page to help current Windows users feel more comfortable with Free Software before switching to gNewSense.

You can also install gNewSense on a virtual machine, which let you try it as you wish without altering your real hard drive.

Hardware requirements


gNewSense hardware support status is given in the recommended hardware page. Other useful information can be found on Supported Wireless Cards, the laptop guide page and in user experiences for some hardware configurations.

Peripheral devices

List of Supported Printers

Installing gNewSense

Introduction to the Desktop Environment

Basic Settings

Networking and Internet

Language support

Using gNewSense




Commonly Used Applications

Common tasks



Adding and Removing Programs

Changing the Appearance of gNewSense


Basic Administration

Advanced Administration

Hardware Hacks


Project Documentation

Package Freedom Verification FAQ

Wiki Documentation

Please see Writing Documentation for information on integration for documentation and translation on the wiki for a better implementation.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to the gNewSense documentation you are more than welcome! We are currently working on a structure for future documentation (see below). If you would like to make suggestions for the structure, or start writing, please introduce yourself on the gnewsense-users mailing list.

When contributing, please bear in mind the following pages: EditingGuidelines and CommunityGuidelines.

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